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Calendar of Events

Here is a library of past events at Castle House.

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Autumn Winter 2009

Click here for Autumn/Winter 2009 Calendar of Events 

Spring Summer 2010

Click Here for Spring/Summer 2010 Calendar of Events 

Autumn Winter 2010

Click here for Autumn/Winter 2010 Calendar of Events 

Spring Summer 2011

Click here for Spring/Summer 2011 Calendar of Events 

Autumn Winter 2011

Click here for Autumn/Winter 2011 Calendar of Events 

Spring Summer 2012

Click here for Spring/Summer 2012 Calendar of Events 

Autumn Winter 2012

Click here for the Autumn/Winter 2012 Calendar of Events 

Spring Summer 2013

Click here for Spring/Summer 2013 Calendar of Events

Autumn Winter 2013

Click here for Autumn/Winter 2013 Calendar of Events 

Spring Summer 2014

Click here for Spring/Summer 2014 Calendar of Events 

Autumn Winter 2014

Click here for Autumn/Winter 2014 Calendar of Events

Spring Summer 2015

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Autumn Winter 2015

Click here for Autumn/Winter 2015 Calendar of Events 

Spring Summer 2016

Click here for Spring/Summer 2016 Calendar of Events 

Autumn Winter 2016

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Spring Summer 2017

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Autumn Winter 2017

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Spring Summer 2018

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Autumn Winter 2018

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Spring Summer 2019

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Autumn Winter 2019

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